New Challenges

The New Landscape of Intercollegiate Athletics

In August 2014, members of the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12, and SEC were granted autonomy by the NCAA to create their own legislation. Since then, the Power Five conferences have passed several measures to benefit student-athletes, and more are sure to follow.

With these measures come additional costs for the schools. This is one of the reasons Virginia athletics launched its All In For Excellence fundraising initiative. The initiative is designed to support the more than 650 student-athletes who compete across 25 varsity sports programs at the University of Virginia. The athletics department depends on donors to the Virginia Athletics Foundation (VAF) Annual Fund to pay for athletic scholarships, academic support for student-athletes and a portion of the operational budget for Olympic sports.

The overall fundraising target for 2017 for the All In For Excellence initiative is $24.2 million. Specifically, the fundraising targets by category include $19.2 million for the Annual Fund, $4 million for endowment, and $1 million for operational expenses.