Men’s Basketball Locker Room Renovation
Funding completed in September 2017

Over the past several years, the Virginia men’s basketball program has been among the very best in the country, having won both regular season and ACC tournament championships, earning two number one, and a number two seed in the NCAA tournament and advancing to the Elite Eight. In support of head coach Tony Bennett and building on the momentum he and his staff have created, the University of Virginia athletics department and the Virginia Athletics Foundation raised the funds for this $3 million project through the generosity of our donors. The funding for the renovation was completed in September 2017.

Renovations will impact all of the men’s basketball team areas in John Paul Jones Arena. This will be the first update to the facility since its opening in 2006. Since that time, many of the top basketball programs have built and renovated team support areas that have surpassed our current facilities. John Paul Jones Arena has been a critical component to the program’s success and adapting team areas to the current needs of the program will be important to future success.

The renovation included updates and better utilization of the space for the player and coaches locker rooms, team film room, and team lounge. Also added were a kitchen, a computer workstation and a sleep recovery room. The redesigned areas will include new graphic displays to highlight the program’s recent ACC and NCAA tournament success and individual player accomplishments. This project will not only provide the very best everyday facilities for the current team, but also will send a strong signal to future recruits that Virginia Basketball intends to remain among the elite programs in the country.